White Papers


White papers are designed to provide a in-depth solution and/or dicussion regarding common issues that Comsift customers have encountered.

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the latest version of the free Adobe Reader (or similar PDF viewer).

January 2013 YouTube for Schools — ComSifter Integration
January 2013 Apple iTunes Store — and Software Update for Mobile Devices
January 2013 Duplicate IP Addresses — A Case Study
January 2013 Transparent v. Proxy Mode (Which Should You Choose?)
March 2012 Clearing WPAD Settings
October 2011 Case of the New Cable/DSL Modem
October 2011 The Tale of Ultrasurf
August 2011 Filtered Church/Public Access — and School Campus is also Filtered
September 2010 Unfiltered Church Access — but School Remains Filtered