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** Social Media is wasting our time and our bandwidth **
** My employees are spending more time messaging than working **
** I may be liable for users looking at questionable content **
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Current Product Release

Comsift is proud of it’s family of high-performance Internet filters.
The ‘D’ series of ComSifter appliances are based on a new hardware platform that allows for the support of new features and speeds typically seen only in enterprise-level products.

Office EnvironmentAdvantages include:

ComSifter is great for use in:

Small Business Real estate, lawyer/attorney, mortgage, insurance, retail, medical and dental offices
Corporate Sales office, business office, development, shipping receiving, production floor
School Classrooms, dormitories, computer labs, office administration
ComSifter CS-1D, CS-8D, and CS-8D Pro
ComSifter 'D' series
ComSifter is a network security appliance that provides content filtering for education and small business networks.
Price: $698–$1,048 (educational discounts available)
Available from: Comsift, Inc.Order now!

Office Environment

ComSifter Internet Filter Advantage

Comsift designs and markets it products with three goals in mind—the product must be accurate, simple to install and operate, and be cost effective.

Accuracy — A multi-tier filtering system stops more than 98% of inappropriate content.

Simplicity — ComSifter is a standalone Internet filter appliance that is installed in minutes. No further hardware or software is required.

Cost-Effective — The ComSifter Internet filter family has a product that fits your network. ComSifter does not require seat licensing. ComSifter is competitively priced—ensuring a fast payback on your investment.